Greetings everyone! Just as usual there is a video version of this article that you can check out step by step to get you up and running with a monorepo for Create React App! :D

A little introduction, I was tasked with converting a monorepo with 2 create react apps in them. Even though this was a monorepo, code could not be shared between different application, and create react app is pretty stubborn to just make it work out of the box. So I scoured the internet looking near and far for a article or someone that would help…

Hello medium! I have looked long and far for what is the optimum react Webpack config but had some trouble finding it. I hope this article served you well with information needed to not only setup your Webpack config but also understand how this black box works. Trust me when I first started learning Webpack it sounded like magic, but overtime I have come to understand it and can share my knowledge with everyone! :D

As usual the link to my YouTube video where you can follow along is below if you prefer it that way :D

Okay I am going to break this article up into various parts:

  1. Setting up…

There have been countless articles out here that I have read about using cognito with express but most of them are not valid because of the deprecation of amazon-cognito-identity-js npm library :(

Another thing noticed is that express tutorials were using aws-cognito-identity-js library when this is in fact more suitable for frontend applications because it does not make use of the “Secret Hash” for your app. The secret hash insures an extra layer of validation so users don’t directly hit your cognito endpoint and create a bunch of users, unless that suits your use case. So below are a few…

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